Simple systems to deliver sophisticated control
and more efficient management of air conditioning.

From smart control of split systems and ducted VRV VRF units to central management of multi unit and multi site installations.

HVAC home and building Automation.

Airtopia takes the complexity out of integrating enhanced control of HVAC systems so that people can enjoy optimum air comfort.

Optimise air comfort and air quality
Exacting oversight of CO2, temperature and relative humidity in managed environments.  Click here to read the Berkerley CO2 Report on elevated carbon dioxide levels in schools.

Centrally monitor and manage multi unit installations
Delivers real time overview and central control of multiple split systems, plus a full operational history of each individual unit.

Enjoy Individual Smartphone Control
Full smartphone control of individual split systems from out of the room, out of town, even out of the country.

Discover smarter custom and OEM solutions
We are the experts in linking climate control and system automation.

Broad compatibility

Airtopia products are compatible with all common climate brands and control systems. Check out our compatibility list.

Easy Installation, configuration, and operation

All Airtopia products are easy to install and configure, but for speed and convenience we recommend using a trained installer.

24 month replacement warranty

All Airtopia products are covered by a 24 month replacement warranty.
See our warranty terms and conditions for full information.

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