Partnering with Airtopia


Airtopia has home automation installers and integrator partners who service customers on behalf of Airtopia and who also build Airtopia into their everyday offer.

Airtopia can support resellers with our design, estimation, and technical resources. Talk to us about becoming an Airtopia Active Partner.


Many Airtopia installations are completely stand alone. That is, they operate with the Airtopia app as their operation hub, rather than linking to a Building Management or Home automation system. While these installations don’t usually involve electrical work as such, we find that electricians have the right skill match and experience for these applications.


Other installations are more complex. In corporate, institutional, and larger residential sites Airtopia often has to interface with a building management or other automation system. These installs require someone experienced in this type of technology.

If you are an electrician or integrator interested in expanding into this niche give us a call to discuss Airtopia partnering opportunities.

1800AIRTOPIA or contact us by email.