A smart simple economical solution for
maximising convenience, control, comfort and energy efficiency

Real AC remote control
Out of the room remote, out of the building remote, out of town remote, if required.

Maximum air comfort capability
Monitor and manage individual room air-conditioning conditions and equipment operation to ensure optimum comfort for the occupants.

Minimum energy performance
Monitor and manage for the most energy efficient operation to minimise operating and maintenance costs.

Any air conditioner, split system, or heat pump
Airtopia control is not limited to AC infrared remote control products. Our expertise extends across all well recognised climate brands and control systems.

AC operation on the go.
Smart phone control of your AC, from around the corner or around the world.

Multiple AC unit management.
Centrally manage your distributed AC units for maximum client comfort at minimum operating cost.

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The story behind the brand.
Climate control meets system automation. Product success for Airtopia and for OEM customers.

A two minute walk through.
The Airtopia App is simple and straightforward but with a big payback. Click here for a quick demonstration

Easy Installation, configuration, and operation

Airtopia is easy to install and configure. Installers and intergrators but it is best left to a trained installer. We can recommend someone in most places. System training is also available for operations personnel.

The comfort of a 24 month replacement warranty

Airtopia’s control products are covered by a 24 month replacement warranty. Please see our warranty terms and conditions for full information.

Equipment warranty safe and sound

Airtopia’s split system controls are completely non intrusive and do not impede or interfere with any manufacturer’s systems or warranty conditions.