Airtopia Central puts your AC under central control

Local control can mean no control

Most situations rely on the occupants being able to use the air conditioning wisely and efficiently. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and excessive temperature settings or heating or cooling of unoccupied spaces can lead to unhealthy environments and poor energy efficiency.

With Airtopia Central you always have local control

Airtopia Central changes all that. With Airtopia Central you have a real time overview of every air conditioner in your network, whether they are just down the hall or on the other side of the world.

Every function, every measure

From your Airtopia log-in you can see all the current settings, the prevailing room conditions, and room temperature and power usage stretching back over 12 months. And you can adjust and over-ride every function of the factory remote.

Program, schedule, set limits for every device

Airtopia Central also allows customisation of settings, background programming, operational scheduling, and limits management.

Reports, statistics and managing the measures

Measuring key metrics over time is essential to good management. The data is available in real time and for download in several formats for analysis and planning.

Using the software

Airtopia software is easy to use and all the necessary training for operations staff can be provided.

Investment and ROI

Because no two sites are the same, the Airtopia investment will be different for every one. For the same reason, the payback will vary too, with the potential for savings and the importance of realising them. From experience, reductions in energy costs between 20% and 50% are commonly achievable.