Airtopia’s Managing Director Dom Cannalonga was very pleased to to receive Sneider Electric’s invitation to be part of the nation-wide integrators roadshow. The roadshow was a perfect opportunity to educate and demonstrate to the integration community the benefits of either automating or adding a significant level of additional control to air conditioners in commercial, institutional, and residential properties.

Airtopia was invited to show off their product and demonstrate it’s easy compatibility with Schneider Electric’s award winning Push Control system. Push Control is highly regarded in the home automation business and has won Design and Smart Awards three years running.

Airtopia’s offer was well received all round. Prior to the its development integrators had no easy ability to better manage air conditioning systems. Existing options were expensive and complex and required access to the manufacturer’s control system. Airtopia is different. It is completely arms length for most modern systems and is comparatively inexpensive and easy to install. The extra benefit is the flexibility to operate as a stand-alone App, or to integrate with any of the common building management and home management systems.

The roadshow gave Airtopia great exposure to the network of integrators and resellers, and Dom expressed his sincere thanks to Schneider Electric and Push Control for the opportunity.