Airtopia technology, born from the need for better air conditioning management

The Airtopia team has a long history in climate control and systems automation. Working in this field, we needed a simple, universal climate equipment management system. There was nothing that fitted the bill so we created our own, designed, engineered and manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia.

The universal solution for efficient climate management

The most glaring initial need was a system for the remote management of infrared controlled split systems. That solved we adapted and developed Airtopia to include any type of air conditioning equipment.

Stand alone or integrated compatibility

Airtopia covers climate management from the simplest single unit right through to the most complex installations. In the Anywhere form it takes the remote control function away from line of sight to anywhere with internet access. In the full functionality form Airtopia Central can operate as a stand alone App, or simply and easily integrate with any of the common building management systems and home automation systems.

Customised control solutions

The Airtopia team can also provide custom OEM control solutions. Our expertise in systems automation and communication technology make us the ideal partner to design, develop, and manufacture your next success story. Contact us and discuss your control system requirements.