When Bupa Home Insurance decided to feature Smart Home ideas, it makes sense they headlined Airtopia.

Airtopia’s innovative solution to air conditioning and heat pump management
adds a clever new level of convenience and a unique opportunity to turn this convenience into significant energy savings.

Airtopia allows climate services to be monitored and managed by Airtopia’s own App or by integrating with one of the many Home Automation or Building Management systems. It is ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

There is nothing better than stepping into a heated bathroom on those cold, winter mornings, or coming home to a cool air-conditioned cocoon, a haven away from the blistering summer heat, and to do without bombing the energy budget. And do it all from your smart phone, your tablet, or your standard computer.

As Bupa says, ‘With Airtopia you can save time and money, and enjoy a great deal more comfort. You’ll never again come home to a house that’s too hot or too cold, and you’ll be doing it with less energy consumption and with less CO2 going into the environmental.’

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For more information on Airtopia go to airtopia.com