How does Airtopia work?

Airtopia products work using the internet to link your air conditioner to your account at the Airtopia control centre. The Airtopia App then allows the customer to log into their account and monitor and control their air conditioners from anywhere with an internet connection.

Airtopia specialises in split system / heat pump remote control. Different air conditioners have different control systems so it is important to specify your brand and model when inquiring.

What is the difference between Airtopia Central and Airtopia Anywhere?

Airtopia Central is a central control system for air conditioning systems with multiple separate units, as in commercial, institutional, and larger residential environments. It provides a real-time view of the operational factors relating to the individual air conditioning unit, and override control of all functions. The gathered data can also be downloaded for in depth analysis and operational management.

Airtopia Anywhere takes all the functions of your air conditioner’s remote control and puts them onto your smartphone or tablet, and allows you to view and change your settings from… anywhere.

Do I need the internet to have an Airtopia system?

Unless you are connecting to a building management system you will need to connect to the internet for remote control of your ducted or split system. Each air conditioner requires a controller that uses the internet to connect to the Airtopia control panel. If the internet is down, the air conditioner will still work as normal (unless the power fails also) but will not be able to remotely connect to Airtopia.

Can I retrofit an Airtopia system to an old air conditioner?

Yes, Airtopia has controllers to suit the most types of control systems. If your split system is not listed in our database we can quickly and easily add the infra red codes required.

How many air conditioners can Airtopia control?

Any number, there is no limit.

Do I need a building management system or a home automation system to have an Airtopia system?

No. Airtopia systems can stand alone using the Airtopia App or they can integrate with any of the common BMS and HMS products. A complete list of compatible systems can be found here.

Is Airtopia a suitable platform for my operations team to manage all the AC units in our complex?

Yes, Airtopia Central is designed for just that purpose and training for operations personnel can be included in the project proposal.

How do I obtain updates for my Airtopia control system components?

The Airtopia system components will update automatically via the internet.

How do I access service and support?

The Airtopia team is at your service to help with configuration and use of the product. Just call us or email through the Contact Us page. If you have specific hardware problems, contact your installer. If it is found to be a hardware failure, the installer can identify the problem and provide a resolution.

What is the Airtopia warranty?

Subject to the terms and conditions laid down in consumer law and detailed in the warranty statement displayed on the Airtopia website (Airtopia.com) Airtopia products are warranted against failure due to a faulty component or manufacturing defect for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of first commissioning. Please refer to the detailed warranty statement.

How does installing an Airtopia system affect an air conditioner’s warranty?

Installing an Airtopia system does not intrude on any of the manufacturer’s systems and so does not void the warranty.