AIRTOPIA ANYWHERE Quick install for split system controller

Installing Airtopia Anywhere is simple, but some basic technical skills are required. Different models are slightly different to install but here’s a quick rundown of the most common (infrared remote). Detail instructions are supplied with individual products.

Step 1: Mount the Airtopia controller

The control box is usually most conveniently placed adjacent to the indoor unit. Make a note of the serial number for later configuration.

Step 2: Install the room temperature sensor

The room temperature sensor needs to be placed where it can measure the room air circulating back to the unit. Connect to terminals 1 and 2 of the controller.

Step 3: Install the IR sender

The IR sender fits next to the IR receiver on the split system’s indoor unit and connects to terminals 3 and 4 of the controller.

Step 4: Add the network connection

Depending on your model, connect a LAN cable between the controller and the router. For wifi connection, see the set up instructions provided with the device.

Step 5: Power up the controller

If you have a PoE LAN connection (power over ethernet), you’re away. Otherwise use a DC power supply.

Step 6: Install the Airtopia app

Open a web browser and download the Airtopia App from and set up an account.

Step 7: Add your device

Select the Setting icon on upper right, and click Add Unit. Insert the ID number from the base of the controller and add a suitable description or label. It will need to be powered up to complete this process. Pairing information???

Step 8: Synchronise the IR remote and you’re away.

With the settings tab still open select Unit Settings and select the device just installed. In the Remote section, then select the make and model number of the AC unit to be controlled. If your remote is not in the List email the model number of the remote and your device ID to