Targeting total wellbeing in education, commercial workspaces, and health and residential care

In classrooms, offices, and heath and residential care premises a fundamental requirement is a comfortable and healthy environment for staff and occupants. A key component is some form of energy efficient climate control, but the strong recent focus on energy efficiency has led to air-conditioned spaces having little or no refreshing of the air.

Health and productivity suffer with increased levels of CO2

Eminent research(#) has shown that occupied enclosed spaces can experience a rapid rise carbon dioxide levels, sufficient to begin to impair health and cognitive function; levels that result in increased error rate, a decrease in productivity, and an increase in absenteeism.

The research shows that, without the introduction of fresh air, CO2 concentration can quickly shoot up from normal (400ppm) to between 2,000 and 5,000ppm.

The analysis in these reports finds that levels as low as 1,500ppm begin to impair health and cognitive function, and lead to increased error rate, decreased productivity and an increase in absenteeism.

Solutions, simple to sophisticated

The simplest solution is to open a door or window, or install a fan, to bring outside air in when the concentration level rises to an undesirable level. To do this you just need a CO2 sensor that can provide a suitable alert. One downside is you lose a portion of the conditioned air, another is that you have a staff member distracted from normal duties.

Other solutions have been limited until the advent of Airtopia Multipoint. MultipointQ is a compact and unobtrusive controller that monitors and manages not only CO2 but also temperature and relative humidity, all the vital climate measures in one neat device. Multipoint controllers give Green, amber, red status displays as well as the ability to connect to the most common building management systems to control the climate system to exacting tolerances. Of course, the tolerances will be governed by the capacity of the system design and configuration.

(Note: not all existing systems will currently have fresh air input and heat exchange components and these may need to be added to take full advantage of Multipoint’s capability.)

The next step is to add a heat exchange and filtration system that can be turned on when the levels rise. This provides a more stable comfort level and minimises re-heating or cooling costs.

Airtopia, enhanced climate control

Airtopia have long been a key player in the sophistication of climate management. They have been leaders in making climate management more flexible, reliable, responsive, and accountable. The Multipoint Range is their latest innovation in air management controllers.

The initial launch products are:


MPQDW monitors CO2 levels, Temperature and Relative Humidity.
It provides local visual indication and control of equipment via direct connection to BMS via RTU or Wifi.


MPXDW monitors Temperature and Relative Humidity.
It provides visual indication and control of equipment via direct connection to BMS via RTU or Wifi.


MPXD monitors Temperature and Relative Humidity.
It provides visual indication and control of equipment via direct connection to BMS via RTU.

Automation functions for all models can be integrated through a simple protocol and multiple modules can be networked for global monitoring and management. Advanced remote access is available with additional equipment.

Detailed data sheet

# Research footnotes:
>Is CO2 a pollutant?
>CO2 in schools

>Berkerley CO2 Report on elevated carbon dioxide levels in schools

Further products in the range will be released in the near future. To keep up with innovations in the Multipoint Range
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